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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Wrong One Bites the Dust


Yikes! There I was spending Easter with family believing the world just might survive without my careful and close observation, only to return and find the world had indeed turned upside down.

What happened to Rick Santorum? Why in the world did he quit now ... before NY, PA, TX and CA?

Seriously?!?! He was the only one close to Romney and the only one to keep him from hitting that magic 1100+ number. If those morons at GOP-E central think for a minute that most of Santorum's supporters will flock to old GREENrich they are sadly mistaken! Of course I can only speak for myself, but I'll not be switching to anyone else. Enough!

Santorum was NOT the one to drop out. Old selfish, egotistical Newt and that crazy uncle from the attic Ron Paul are the ones who should have dropped out ... a couple of months ago actually.

Every time I read anything about this so-called election I get those déjà vu chills up and down my spine. Far too much of the rhetoric, the actions and the manufactured polls are comparable to the 2008 election and should scare the bejabbers out of everyone.

After quick perusals of my favorite sites I find nothing about the removal of that ineligible usurper from the ballot. What that tells me is that the GOP-E are lining up once again to ensure the illegal, ineligible, America hating usurper "wins" the phony "election" so he can become king of America for life. Please excuse me now as I am about to be very, very sick.

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Friday, March 30, 2012



Simply stunning! It has been a most difficult decision for me to leave, but as the days pass, it makes all the sense in the world that I would leave. When I’m feeling lazy I still go there to see the alleged news headlines easily displayed so as to get a quick snippet of what is passing for “news” on any given day. It has been difficult of late to find actual “news” items as FreeRepublic seems to have become the Newt headquarters and no others need come or comment. At times they resemble with their wild eyed insistence that everyone should drop out of the presidential race because Newt is the “only” candidate who has “bold” ideas and, the ever popular, “can win”. Yeah, that’s right...he just received 6% in the Michigan primary, but he is the only one who can win and save us. LOL!

They are STILL calling for Santorum to drop out so Newt can stand a chance of beating Mitt. This is nothing new since they have been calling for Rick to drop out since before the Iowa caucus. Delusional is the only word I can use to describe the insanity over there.  Prime example:

What no one is talking about is the fact that only two candidates have received 50% or better in all the primaries that have been held thus far. Romney received 50.01% in Nevada and Santorum received 55.17% in Missouri. Should this not tell us something?

Oooops...before I could this post finished and posted up pops another delusional thread:

It truly saddens me to see what the best conservative forum on the web has become ... and worse … that old friends are now conducting themselves as demonrats and Paulinistas by cluttering up other candidates Face Book pages with their inane and rude comments. *sigh*

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“Departure and return ... if you don’t leave, you can’t come back,
because you’ve never left.”

Sadly, he has returned. It has not ceased to amaze me that the Newt supporters continue to try and sell this has been moderate as a bona fide “conservative” and the only “viable” candidate to beat the usurper.

NEWT the environMENTAList:

Newt and Nancy sitting on a couch -- K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Oh gag me!

Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich Commercial on Climate Change
This ad is part of the "We Can Solve It"
global warming ad campaign sponsored by
Al Gore's Alliance for Climate Protection. April 2008

"It is no secret that Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich
don't always see eye to eye, but
they do agree that on the issue of climate change,
we must take action now.
Please join more than one million others who know it will take all of us coming together to solve the climate crisis."

When asked about the ad during an appearance on WGIR radio in New Hampshire on Jul 26, 2011 he replied (via The Hill):

“I was trying to make a point that we shouldn't be afraid to debate the left, even on the environment, but obviously it was misconstrued, and it's probably one of those things I wouldn't do again.”

Let me tell you something Mr. Brilliant Ph.D man … we are not so stupid and ignorant that we cannot understand simple English. Your “point” was taken just as it was meant. There was no debate to “misconstrue” you moron. You have a long history of being an environMENTAList.

[For other stories on this “thing” he wouldn’t do again see the urls below]

Lest any of us forget, the couch incident with Pelousy was not the first time he publicly declared his undying support for the fraudulent gloBULL warming scam. Just one year earlier, in April 2007, there was to be a much touted “debate” between the Newtster and John Eff’n Kerry. I was excited for the debate and anxiously awaited the Newt slapdown of that arrogant Kerry person. Imagine my dismay when the Newtster folded like a cheap suit before the “debate” had even begun. What offends me is the fact he allowed that smug slime ball Dana Milbank a golden opportunity to mock the GOP, President Bush and Conservatives in general.

Gingrich drops skepticism on global warming
But he and Kerry differ on solutions
Alan Wirzbicki Globe Correspondent / April 11, 2007
WASHINGTON -- In a Capitol Hill debate about global warming touted by its moderator as a "smackdown" between former House speaker Newt Gingrich and Senator John F. Kerry of Massachusetts, Gingrich praised Kerry's recently released book about environmentalism, acknowledged that global warming is real, and offered what amounted to an unexpected apology for his party's inaction on curtailing greenhouse gas ...

Kerry and Gingrich Hugging Trees--and (Almost) Each Other  
By Dana Milbank Wednesday, April 11, 2007
But Gingrich, weighing a long-shot presidential run, is unpredictable. He proved that by meeting with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton to discuss common ground on health care, and yesterday it was Kerry's turn to be surprised when Gingrich preemptively distanced himself from President Bush on global warming. "I agree entirely with whatever criticism the senator wants to make in general about the absence of American leadership," he said.

Of course Newt’s pro gloBULL warming stance is not new, but is simply part of who he is. Per Wikipedia: In 1970, Gingrich joined the history department at West Georgia College as an assistant professor. In 1974 he moved to the geography department and was instrumental in establishing an interdisciplinary environmental studies program.

Let’s focus on that last sentence for a bit. Exactly what is interdisciplinary environmental studies? You can see for yourself simply by scrolling through this website, the first one I pulled up.

If you know the keywords to watch for you will understand my trepidation about Newt.  Look for the words advocacy, sustainability, land use, environmental regulation, habitat restoration and land conservation.

What this proves to me is that Newt is saying whatever he needs to say to gain the confidence of the conservative base, who generally reject the insanity of the environmentalists, who are now far more than just globull warming nuts.

Old Newt Greenrich also co-sponsored legislation, titled the Global Warming Prevention Act of 1989 (H.R. 1078) which had 144 co-sponsors, the majority of which were the likes of Pelosi, Boxer, Frank and Conyers. There were only 25 Republican co-sponsors, which included Greenrich.

SUMMARY AS OF: 2/22/1989--Introduced.

Global Warming Prevention Act of 1989 - Establishes as national goals: (1) that the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere be reduced from 1988 levels by at least 20 percent by the year 2000 through a mix of Federal and State energy policies; and (2) the establishment of an International Global Agreement on the Atmosphere by 1992. Requires the Secretary of Energy (the Secretary) and the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to report to the Congress within two years regarding whether a higher level of carbon dioxide emissions reduction is desirable after 2000, together with any necessary policy actions and their costs and benefits.

Title XI: World Population Growth - Declares it is the policy of the United States that family planning services should be made available to all persons requesting them. Authorizes appropriations for FY 1991 through 1995 for international population and family planning assistance. Prohibits the use of such funds for: (1) involuntary sterilization or abortion; or (2) the coercion of any person to accept family planning services.

Requests the President to initiate an international conference on population, and to seek an international agreement on population growth. Establishes a National Commission on Population, Environment, and Natural Resources to prepare reports and convene conferences. Terminates such Commission three years after the enactment of this Act.

Mandates that multilateral development banks adopt guidelines promoting lending strategies which emphasize the maintenance of sustainable world population levels. Authorizes appropriations for FY 1991 through 1993

Of course the Greenrich of today, says he opposes such a policy and that he supported only a small part of the legislation that promoted hydrogen energy research...all while being a co-sponsor. Can you say “weasel words” boys and girls? I think you can!

There are some real beauts contained in this monstrosity, which anyone who cares about what these people are doing to us and our country should do at least a quick perusal of this attack on freedom.

Marc Morano has done a brilliant job exposing Newt Gingrich in this wonderful Climate Depot Editorial.

For your reading enjoyment and edification, you may also want to carefully read this transcript from an online discussion with Newt on Monday, April 21, 2008 as the author of "A Contract With the Earth," working to find a common commitment to environmental stewardship and bipartisan solutions for global warming and other critical problems.

NEWT GREENRICH'S VOTING RECORD -- In regards to gloBULL warming:

01/30/2011 - He lobbied for ethanol subsidies.
01/30/2011 - He suggested that flex-fuel vehicles be mandated for Americans.
02/15/2011 - His book said that he believes man-made climate-change and advocated creating "a new endowment for conservation and the environment."
04/25/2011 - He's a paid lobbyist for Federal ethanol subsidies.
- Gingrich voted for an oil windfall profits tax in 1979, which was signed by Jimmy Carter.
- Gingrich voted for Jimmy Carter’s “Energy Mobilization Board.”
- Gingrich voted for an increase in taxes on coal producers in 1981
- Gingrich voted for a 5-cent increase in the gas tax to fund highway and other mass-transit projects.

Thanks for playing Newtie Newt, but I’ll take a pass like the vast majority of primary voters are already doing. Buh-Bye Mr. GREENrich! Time to enjoy life and get out of politics.

[This post was written and submitted by Shell, but we were unable to get it to post under that name for some reason.]

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Senator:  But before we do this you would seek permission of the international “authorities”…

Traitor:  If we’re working with an international coalition and we’re working with NATO we would wanna be able to get appropriate permissions in order to be able to do that that’s, that’s something that all of these countries would wanna have so some kind of legal basis on which to act.

Senator:  What legal basis are you looking for?  What entity?

Traitor:  Well, obviously, if NATO made the decision to go in that would be one. If we developed an international coalition beyond NATO then obviously some kind of UN security resolution would….

Senator:  So you’re saying NATO would give you a legal basis and an ad hoc coalition of nations would provide a legal basis?

Traitor:  If we, I,if, if we were able to put together a coalition and were able to move together then obviously we would seek whatever legal basis we would need in  order to make that justified.   We can’t just pull them all together in a combat operation w/out getting the legal basis on which to act.

Senator:  Who are you asking for the legal basis from?

Traitor:  If it’s a … obviously if the UN passed a security resolution as it did in Libya we would do that.  If NATO came together as we did in Bosnia we would rely on that.  So, we have options here if we want to build the kind of international approach to dealing with the situation.

Senator:  I’m all for having international support, but I, I’m really baffled by the idea that somehow an international assembly provides a LEGAL basis for the US MILITARY to be deployed in combat. 
I don’t believe it’s close to being correct.  They provide NO legal authority. 
The only legal authority that’s required to
deploy the US military is the congress
and the president and the constitution.

Traitor:  Let me just for the record be clear again, senator, so there’s no misunderstanding…
when it comes to the national defense of this country potus has the authority under the Constitution  to act to defend this country, and we will.  When it comes to an operation where we are trying to build a coalition of nations to work together to go in and operate as we did in Libya or Bosnia for that matter Afghanistan we wanna do it with permissions either by NATO or the international community.

Watch the entire exchange here:

Well Senator, I’m not quite sure why you are baffled.  You and your treasonous cohorts have sat back and allowed the ineligible treasonous usurper to do whatever he damn well pleased for three years now.  Ye reap what you sow.  Thanks for nothing!

In essence Panetta sais: We will go to Syria and bomb them into submission if we want to and we don't need anything from the Congress to do so. We will "go in and operate as we did in Libya or Bosnia for that matter Afghanistan..."

Action against Afghanistan had the written approval of Congress in the form of the Authorization for Use of Military Force, Public Law 107-40 [S. J. RES. 23] you ignorant moron!
535 member in both Houses of Congress voted on Afghanistan.  There was ONE [1] NAY vote and 12 who chose not to vote at all. 

Oh how I loathe this regime!!!

This public law, 107-40 [S. J. RES. 23], was passed by Congress on September 14, 2001 and signed by President George W. Bush on September 18, 2001. The law authorized U.S. armed forces to use "all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001".

Bottom of FormHhm

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